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Since 2008 I have been adding images to photobucket and referencing links to a few select forums. Since I started this blog back in 2012 I have been doing likewise. Unfortunately, Photobucket has decided to become a commercial entity to weed out the little guys.

I guess their old business model isn’t bringing in enough revenue. I don’t sell my images and really just post because I like to add content that is visually interesting to any who happen to see it. So, me paying Photobucket $300 a year is not really a viable option for just storing images; I was no where near the limit of being a data hog.
The solution is to consolidate to WordPress exclusively and pay them $3 a month for whatever. They have their own storage and it would cut out the need for a third party hosting.

The downside is I have to reprocess images I’ve posted because Photobucket has an extra layer of compression on images and degrade the quality of the image. Therefore downloading from Photobucket is a futile task.

I thank them for their site and the use I got out of it but I have enough costs to say no to $300 a year. So any older images I re-post will be summarized and viewed via the menu categories. Any new posts I make will be blogged as usual.
Don’t forget to visit my site Terrain of Earth this site is about my experiences and photos at national parks and any related sites I can explore.

Posted September 21, 2017 by droobx in Explanation

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