8/23/18 – Central South Dakota Tornadoes   Leave a comment

Warm moist advection due to another upper level low moving into the area allowed for storms to initiate ahead of the cold front. This system continued to show high energy/helicity values in a skinny portion of the warm sector. Coupled with 65+ dewpoints and strong surface heating a supercell managed to develop. How strong the 500mb winds was questionable. After watching some low rotation on the cell, I had to reposition all the while a new storm formed to it’s south. That’s when I noticed a funnel and soon realized a tornado was on the ground. This tornado was more of a landspout/supercell hybrid variety and was on the ground for 15 minutes or so. I was amazed at this tornado over the open country for it’s ropey, translucent look.Photographically I managed to keep the ISO at 100 which is interesting.

This tornadic event wasn’t finished yet as a new funnel began to develop to the south of the old one as if on cue. It didn’t last as long but seemed to be a bit stronger with full condensation.

Another awe inspiring demonstration of atmospheric conditions of the great plains.

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July 2 – South Dakota Supercell   Leave a comment

Here is a notable supercell near Hitchcock, SD. Atmospheric conditions came together on the instability axis. This was the southernmost point where the 700mb temp allowed for surface parcels to ascend. Multiple supercells developed over the same area into the night. 10 inches of rain was recorded in the vicinity. Here are some images of the tornado warned supercell that produced a funnel.

These last two images are interesting in the fact that a lowering is seen and then rain wraps around with something dark in the rain. You can come to your own conclusion.

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June storms so far: South Dakota and North Dakota   Leave a comment

Here are some images from 3 storm days for me. The first 2 were from the 8th and the 10th of June. The first image is from a Supercell that hovered over the Black Hills and parts of Rapid City.

The next storm was a supercell that initiated south of Buffalo, SD. After having to back track on a road I caught up with the storm on a extremely rural part of SD. It did manage to become a potential tornado producer but didn’t last very long with a strong mesocyclone.

Both storms produced large hail but due to the warm upper air both storms were limited by intensity.
The next storm day I chose was up by the Canadian border. By mid afternoon a cell initiating in Montana made it’s way across the ND/SK border. I only got to see the southern part of the storm. It maintained itself as a high precipitation hailer with a tornado reported in Manitoba.

The new storm that stayed in ND ended up getting away from me due to road coverage but was an interesting display.

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May Storms 17-18: Storms of a mild May   Leave a comment

So far the storms of 2018 have probably been at an all time low in the plains this time of year.I had to choose this particular storm system with the acknowledgement that the potential for seeing tornadic supercells hinged on the fact of upper level winds being weak or just enough for an event.This weakness in the upper level can be attributed to a lack of colder polar air driving the jet stream. The point is every so often these weather patterns happen over the Great Plains. Sometimes you can pick a smaller scale weather pattern and things will come together. I realized that the shear was not enough in Nebraska for a supercell event, yet I did get a glimpse of the evening strengthing of a thunderstorm complex.

The next day was going to be a similar event except that stronger upper level winds were anticipated to enter the region of anticipated storms. After spending the day watching thunderstorms try to develop and fail.One storm maintained and eventually developed into a supercell updraft that produced > 1″ hail.With the storm structure of a sculpted supercell the only thing I believe that kept this storm from producing a tornado was the interaction with storms approaching from the South.The next day was anticipated to be an event but after storms all night long the atmospheric thermodynamics could not recover.

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May 1 2018 – North Central Kansas Supercells & Tornado   Leave a comment

After pondering the models this seemed to look like a day to witness some supercells and possibly tornadoes. A new upper-level system was situated over the SW and associated moisture advection/low pressure created a potential for a few severe days over the plains.
I chose the area west of Concordia, KS. Storms went up and after a correction on a road network I got in range of some cells. Storms took a while to mature but one finally stood out visually as becoming a big supercell.
I photographed this storm during it’s development and came up with some visually interesting structure images.

After the storm got out of range of my position I encountered a storm coming up from the south that was tornado warned I was still ahead of the heavy precipitation so I dropped south a ways and experienced a jaw dropping supercell. I managed to take some images of the storm as it passed by. It did finally produce a tornado near Tescott, KS. I had some focus problems but managed to get some clear pictures of the large tornado as it passed to my NE.

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August Storms – Nebraska & South Dakota   Leave a comment

Here are a few images from a couple of storms on the 12th and 13th of August. The first storm was near Alliance, NE. The path of this storm was over pretty rural terrain so I stayed with it as best as I could. It was basically a high plains hailer that exhibited some stronger rotation later on. Note: The watermark stamp on the first two should be 8/12/17.

The next storm was eastward in the SE part of SD near the NE border. It was a similar storm that had some good supercell structure for a while and I believe had an obscured tornado for a little while.

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Site problem and solution   Leave a comment

Since 2008 I have been adding images to photobucket and referencing links to a few select forums. Since I started this blog back in 2012 I have been doing likewise. Unfortunately, Photobucket has decided to become a commercial entity to weed out the little guys.

I guess their old business model isn’t bringing in enough revenue. I don’t sell my images and really just post because I like to add content that is visually interesting to any who happen to see it. So, me paying Photobucket $300 a year is not really a viable option for just storing images; I was no where near the limit of being a data hog.
The solution is to consolidate to WordPress exclusively and pay them $3 a month for whatever. They have their own storage and it would cut out the need for a third party hosting.

The downside is I have to reprocess images I’ve posted because Photobucket has an extra layer of compression on images and degrade the quality of the image. Therefore downloading from Photobucket is a futile task.

I thank them for their site and the use I got out of it but I have enough costs to say no to $300 a year. So any older images I re-post will be summarized and viewed via the menu categories. Any new posts I make will be blogged as usual.
Don’t forget to visit my site Terrain of Earth this site is about my experiences and photos at national parks and any related sites I can explore.

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