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Western MN 7/9/17 – Early Evening Supercell   Leave a comment

After driving through SE North Dakota I wasn’t planning on seeing severe weather. I realized that storm initiation could occur near where I was. An initial tower did begin near NE South Dakota so I followed that and it eventually could not beat the warm inversion above. I noticed a new tower forming to my north near the SD/MN border as well as one farther to the east. These seem to develop with a more solid appearance so I headed back to the north. By the time I was in range the storm was clearly developing supercell characteristics.
mn supercell

The storm eventually became tornado warned, I pursued it as best as the road network would allow me. Here are more images of the storm which maintained rotation, yet I did not see a tornado.

mn supercell

Posted July 12, 2017 by droobx in Storms

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