May 1 2018 – North Central Kansas Supercells & Tornado   Leave a comment

After pondering the models this seemed to look like a day to witness some supercells and possibly tornadoes. A new upper-level system was situated over the SW and associated moisture advection/low pressure created a potential for a few severe days over the plains.
I chose the area west of Concordia, KS. Storms went up and after a correction on a road network I got in range of some cells. Storms took a while to mature but one finally stood out visually as becoming a big supercell.
I photographed this storm during it’s development and came up with some visually interesting structure images.

After the storm got out of range of my position I encountered a storm coming up from the south that was tornado warned I was still ahead of the heavy precipitation so I dropped south a ways and experienced a jaw dropping supercell. I managed to take some images of the storm as it passed by. It did finally produce a tornado near Tescott, KS. I had some focus problems but managed to get some clear pictures of the large tornado as it passed to my NE.

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