8/23/18 – Central South Dakota Tornadoes   Leave a comment

Warm moist advection due to another upper level low moving into the area allowed for storms to initiate ahead of the cold front. This system continued to show high energy/helicity values in a skinny portion of the warm sector. Coupled with 65+ dewpoints and strong surface heating a supercell managed to develop. How strong the 500mb winds was questionable. After watching some low rotation on the cell, I had to reposition all the while a new storm formed to it’s south. That’s when I noticed a funnel and soon realized a tornado was on the ground. This tornado was more of a landspout/supercell hybrid variety and was on the ground for 15 minutes or so. I was amazed at this tornado over the open country for it’s ropey, translucent look.Photographically I managed to keep the ISO at 100 which is interesting.

This tornadic event wasn’t finished yet as a new funnel began to develop to the south of the old one as if on cue. It didn’t last as long but seemed to be a bit stronger with full condensation.

Another awe inspiring demonstration of atmospheric conditions of the great plains.

Posted August 24, 2018 by droobx in Storms

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