May Storms 17-18: Storms of a mild May   Leave a comment

So far the storms of 2018 have probably been at an all time low in the plains this time of year.I had to choose this particular storm system with the acknowledgement that the potential for seeing tornadic supercells hinged on the fact of upper level winds being weak or just enough for an event.This weakness in the upper level can be attributed to a lack of colder polar air driving the jet stream. The point is every so often these weather patterns happen over the Great Plains. Sometimes you can pick a smaller scale weather pattern and things will come together. I realized that the shear was not enough in Nebraska for a supercell event, yet I did get a glimpse of the evening strengthing of a thunderstorm complex.

The next day was going to be a similar event except that stronger upper level winds were anticipated to enter the region of anticipated storms. After spending the day watching thunderstorms try to develop and fail.One storm maintained and eventually developed into a supercell updraft that produced > 1″ hail.With the storm structure of a sculpted supercell the only thing I believe that kept this storm from producing a tornado was the interaction with storms approaching from the South.The next day was anticipated to be an event but after storms all night long the atmospheric thermodynamics could not recover.

Posted May 21, 2018 by droobx in Storms

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