June storms so far: South Dakota and North Dakota   Leave a comment

Here are some images from 3 storm days for me. The first 2 were from the 8th and the 10th of June. The first image is from a Supercell that hovered over the Black Hills and parts of Rapid City.

The next storm was a supercell that initiated south of Buffalo, SD. After having to back track on a road I caught up with the storm on a extremely rural part of SD. It did manage to become a potential tornado producer but didn’t last very long with a strong mesocyclone.

Both storms produced large hail but due to the warm upper air both storms were limited by intensity.
The next storm day I chose was up by the Canadian border. By mid afternoon a cell initiating in Montana made it’s way across the ND/SK border. I only got to see the southern part of the storm. It maintained itself as a high precipitation hailer with a tornado reported in Manitoba.

The new storm that stayed in ND ended up getting away from me due to road coverage but was an interesting display.

Posted June 18, 2018 by droobx in Storms

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