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MN and SD storms – 2016 & 2017   Leave a comment

Here’s are two images from 7/5/16 and 1 from 6/13/17. The first was a tornadic supercell in West Central, MN with confirmed tornadoes, I managed to capture one during my reposition but from a distance. The issue was I wanted to stair-step some roads but the farm roads had run out. This happens from time to time especially with big high-precipitation storms. The Second storm was more recent with a relatively fast tornadic supercell coming up from the Nebraska border area. I caught up with the storm and managed to get some photos of the ground scrubbing supercell.


Interesting structure from this Summer storm.
South Dakota:

Notice the low cloud base of the storm, that coupled with the high precipitation makes for an interesting structure.I assume a tornado occurred at one point but would have been hard to see with the low cloud base.

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