6/9/16 & 6/11/16 Northern High Plains Storms   Leave a comment

As a upper level storm system moved into the Northern Plains area I was ready to see some supercell storms. The difference was temperatures were in the mid to upper 90’s and moisture was not as prolific.
I spent most of the day in North Dakota watching storms initiate along the ND/MT border, but just not having enough moisture to maintain. After thinking things were done I checked the radar and noticed a storm had a tornado warning and looked strong. I had a brief photo oppurtunity with it around 9 at night near Stanley, ND. After holding off on pursuing the next days storms in central MT. I waited for the “bigger” severe day. A group of storms did initiate in a hot drier environment in SE Montana. After a little later the storm came into contact with more moist environment that was being advected north. Around Baker, MT the storm reintensified and I ended up getting some photos of it.

North Dakota:
nd supercell

nd supercell

mt supercell

mt supercell

mt supercell

In the past I have switched from camera to video in the event of a tornado unfortunately, my trusty xha1 may be done.

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