5/21/16 West Central Kansas Supercell and Tornadoes   Leave a comment

After a fresh start in Nebraska I drove down to Kansas around the I-70 corridor. The winds were backed in this high plains region and a decent Rockies surface low. Dew points in the low 60’s made their way up to the area I had decided on. After waiting patiently cumulus towers started initiating. Initially the main storm was enshrouded by rain. The roads at this time were pretty well saturated by the first two cells that passed through the area, yet the roads were still solid enough to proceed on with the right vehichle.


Soon the cell started getting some visible rotation to it and I witnessed a multivortex type rotation and then a small tornado planted down (I believe another tornado was possibly ongoing in the rain).


After the tornado spun off into the meso precipitation I changed position in order to get a better structure shot of the supercell. This is generally a good rule especially when you have storms of this magnitude. Here is a scene at a distance with a possible tornado obscured by rain.

Here is another structure shot with an enshrouded tornado under the meso. Inflow winds at this time felt like they were 50-60mph where I was.





This storm remained relatively slow moving if not stationary. I’m sure it produced multiple tornadoes obscured by rain. If the roads weren’t rain soaked I might have tried a different veiw but for the most part I’m satisfied with how this day went. I don’t know if there was any structural damage since it did seem to be out in the open fields.

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