5/16/16 High Plains: Supercell with Tornado in the OK Panhandle   Leave a comment

I witnessed a decent tornadic supercell on 5/16/16. After chasing some relatively non-eventful storm days, I ended up making another trip down to the SW Kansas area where I was hoping the models would be correct. With the overnight storms previously leaving a relatively cool, moist boundary there was an area to the West that was showing signs of good surface heating. Sure enough some storms initiated and eventually reached severe criteria near the dryline/higher elevation of SE Colorado. I caught up with the dominate storm near Boise City, OK. Sure enough I was suprisingly pleased to see a very solid updraft even from a distance. I got to document some of this structure as well as capture a “bears cage” tornado before having to reposition to avoid the advancing hail core.
Here are the still images and video captures of the storm:








After my reposition two of the storms had merged and ended up having two mesocyclones that were tornado warned, yet the storms had taken on a more high based nature. I believe there was a tornado documented that I missed but I did get behind the storm and had to bail out due to hail. This was an excellent storm chase in open country on the high plains.

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