May 27th & 28: Texas Panhandle Tornado and Kansas Supercell   Leave a comment

After having chased a multitude of storms some with tornadic potential and others sub severe things were getting pretty frustrating. May 27th was a first for me in seeing a Texas tornado in the panhandle at that. I started out the day in Colorado and realized the strong instability was going to be right on the Tx/OK/KS border. By the time I was in the Panhandle area a large storm was already developing. After realizing there where no easy roads to approach from the north other than the 83 I could see from a distance a decent size funnel cloud. after the rain hail started wrapping around the backside I saw another funnel. I waited for the hail core to subside and figured I was going to miss stuff on the other side. After driving south over a large path of deep hail covering the road from pea size to almost baseball size. I could make out an area of rotation. stopped to view some strong rotation. A tornado developed to my East and I got to view it until rope out. I didn’t get the best view but it was sufficient. The storm turned out to be almost stationary and had strong rotation over the town of Canadian, Tx for a while. During this time it produced a couple of tornadoes of which didn’t seem to be very strong. Except when I was driving back north on the 83 there was quite a bit of tree damage including a tree that seemed to have been snapped in half and uprooted. So it’s lucky that a tornado didn’t develop over the town.
Here are some video captures of the larger tornado:



The next day instability and sufficient shear was in place over most of the Western half of Texas up to Kansas/NE. The Liberal, KS area was out of the question due to cloud cover. I decided to drive north to see what would develop. A storm did start to develop near Leoti, KS and I ended up watching it develop visible rotation. The storm continued to develop strong areas of rotation and I even saw a nice funnel like feature coming down so I went north after yet had to turn back because a new area of rotation developed near me. The latter disappeared in the rain. The road network was good but farm roads need to be mitigated with caution.
Here is the last good rain free area of rotation before the storm became a more linear outflow storm. There may or may not be the silhouette of a cone tornado in the rain behind the rain free part. Unfortunately with a more darker lighting associated with this storm I had to increase the ISO which causes a quality loss. Here’s some favorites:




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