Colorado Tornadoes – Multiple Tornadoes on the High Plains   Leave a comment

Today was an invigorating storm chase day. After deciding I needed to avoid all of the saturation and flooding in the OK/KS/TX area I opted to venture to Colorado. While on a long drive from Shamrock, TX the sun came out and small storms started showing up in the Lamar/Sheridan Lake area. As the drive to my desired area started closing in I stuck with a storm that I believed was going to develop and produce tornadoes. It took a while to get going but I found a decent road network for keeping up with the storm. After seeing signs of rotation the storm eventually produced the first tornado which was a tiny rope tornado then it went on to produce a decent tornado. It cycled through another longer lived tornado and went on to produce a couple of brief touchdowns before the storm eventually stabilized.
Here are some video captures of the tornadoes:
colo tornado

colo tornado

colo tornado

colo tornado

The tornadoes are in order of occurance. This was a pretty amazing day storm chasing and will probably be memorable for a while.

Posted May 9, 2015 by droobx in Storms

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