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More Texas Panhandle Supercells with a Tornado Finale – 4/16/15   Leave a comment

We’ll the second round of severe storms in the Texas panhandle occurred on the 16th. The moisture return coupled with an upper level cut off low was enough to set off a round of severe weather. The first storm with a strong mesocyclone was near Miami, Tx:
Panhandle supercell

Tx Panhandle supercell
The second supercell was high precipitation and though it did have a strong couplet at times on radar I failed to see a distinct tornado with it. It was still interesting:
Tx Panhandle Supercell
After viewing another severe storm near the I-40 I decided it was time to head back in the direction of Oklahoma. Another storm was developing to my East and started to look pretty good as opposed to the smaller radar signature, it eventually became tornado warned. The storm wasn’t pulling around a lot of rain and hail around the backside so I approached the storm with caution yet without worry. After getting out and taking a look at the updraft towering over me I noticed it was rotating pretty good. I decided to proceed with caution on the I-40 business route in between Erick and Sayre, Ok. After getting close but not under the updraft I saw a dark funnel over a field and notice it was a tornado on the ground due to the condensation swirl on the field. I pull over and filmed the tornado as it crossed the road ahead of me causing a couple of powerflashes as it tore through the powerlines. Even though the tornado looped back it ended up being behind some trees and I finally got a view of it at the entrance of a road where I witnessed it until it went behind some trees and roped out. When It was all over I went to review the film (This was a quick encounter) and realized the playback glitch on my camcorder I noticed earlier wasn’t going away. So I pretty much lost the footage for any video yet I can look at still captures from the parts that did record. Here’s a couple:
sayre tornado

sayre tornado
I’m still trying to figure out the issue with the camcorder but it seems to be working fine now. Hopefully it’s not an electrical issue it could have had some rain get in or even high humidity can do it. Not a lot of storm chances upcoming but the weather still has an early Spring feel to it.

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Texas Panhandle Supercell 4/11/15   Leave a comment

I kept up with a supercell from near Dumas, Tx to Shamrock, Tx. The road network was a little sparse but I managed to be able to reposition to at least catch some important parts of the storm. The supercell had a strong meso that produced lots of hail. It may have produced a tornado or two behind the rain curtain but I didn’t see any. Here are a few samples of the structure of the storm:

texas panhandle supercell

I wish I could have had a better position for this storm for the life of it. Hopefully I can experience more of these storms.

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