NE Nebraska June 17th – Long lasting tornado producing supercell   Leave a comment

After waiting in a gas station parking lot in sweltering heat and humidity. The warm front and outflow boundary finally produced. After missing the initial tornadoes due to repositioning issues. I photographed the amazing supercell before dark. As darkness fell I filmed a few tornadoes. There was a large one that was only visible when backlit lightning flashed and another trunk type tornado closer to the edge. I will post video captures later. Here’s a couple of the amazing structure of the powerful storm:
nebraska supercell

nebraska supercell
The afterthought to this event is I witnessed a very powerful storm that could almost be an analog to the Grand Island tornadic event of 80. I believe there was destruction of farmland but not injuries or fatalities.
I will also post some captures of two other tornadic events including another night tornado and the South Dakota tornado that occurred on the 18th.
Here’s a couple of video captures of the tornadoes, I can make out 2:
night tornadoes

Here’s a closeup of the trunk:
night trunk

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