Storm Visions into June – SE Colorado Tornado   Leave a comment

Since my last post I have chased several storm days. I will post some of those photos later. On June 6th I finally found the tornado producer in SE Colorado near Trinidad. I was a little late for the first tornado but I did get a glimpse of it from a distance. Soon after even from the distance I was a wall cloud began to develop and was pretty obvious the storm was still very tornadic. After seeing a funnel come down for a bit I kept trying to get closer to the storm. Finally, I knew a tornado was imminent and found a road to pull off on. There was only one road and not a lot of places to pull over and film the storm. A tornado did develop and I got to see a fairly impressive tornado for at least 5 minutes after that it did become fairly rain-wrapped yet did persist for another 10 minutes. Pretty amazing day. Colorado saw multiple tornadoes on the 6th and 8th of June. I’m lucky to have witnessed one.
Here are some video captures from that event:



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