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So far this April I have had a few storm chases that actually netted some still shots. I haven’t seen a tornado yet this year but I’m getting there hopefully. Most of the tornadoes I have captured since 2010 have been on video so I will go back and post some screen captures of those videos and post some of those. Unfortunately, I haven’t had a full video documentation of all of the tornadoes I have seen. I’ve missed some vids because of repositioning issues etc… but I have recorded some interesting stuff that I do want to all put together once I get some more. 

The first supercell of the year came down in Texas near Throckmorton. It didn’t really get going till later but I did get some video. This was the beginning of a three day system that included a small supercell in Southern Kansas and an unproductive (bust) chase day in Southern Missouri. I did get to see another severe storm in NW Kansas around the I-70 corridor. This storm put on a pretty impressive display given the low moisture return. I guess I got lucky on that. The last storm system I chased was the Moderate->High risk outbreak on Sunday April 27th. Initially not a big fan of chasing Arkansas, I knew there could be a possibility of intercepting multiple supercells all capable of being very strong with the given shear/moisture in place. With chase days like this you need to expect to get a one shot deal on the storms as they are passing over sparse road networks at a high rate of speed. I intercepted a supercell that at the time was only severe warned but did go on to produce a very dangerous tornado. That’s how these storm systems are and storms can quickly become tornadic with the right inflow/storm intensification given the low level horizontal vorticity.
Here are a couple of shots of the supercell as it passed over the edge of Hot Springs, Arkansas:Hot Springs supercell

Hot Springs supercell
Here are some shots from the 23rd:kansas supercell

kansas supercell

kansas supercell
Here’s a few shots from the 2nd of April in Southern, KS:kansas supercell

kansas supercell

kansas supercell

I am grateful for every storm I can chase, hopefully May will be even more productive.

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