June 4th – Eastern Colorado Supercell   Leave a comment

June 4th was the last decent storm photography wise for me for my chase trip. I am grateful I was able to chase some powerful storms and experience what did. I wish I could have stayed out for another couple of weeks; it turned out to be a pretty active period. The problem was chasing solo for a month with no real home base gets taxing on a persons nerves. It also gets tough on the limbs being in the drivers seat for hours every day.

Anyway here a a couple of images of an outflow dominant colorado supercell. The first image it seems I captured an interesting electrical flash on a power pole. I assume it’s a lightning strike developing or wind blowing the powerline that it causes the current to arc.

Here’s another one that captures an interesting plume of dirt being blown by the downdraft as well as a spinup tornado/gustnado on the edge of the storm. I can’t really tell but I think it is a connected vortex to the storm.

Again, my thoughts go out to those in the El Reno area affected by the monster tornado. I’m hopefully going to do some branching out with my photography as well as post some more storm shots.

Posted July 19, 2013 by droobx in Storms

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