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Central Nebraska Supercell 5/26/13   Leave a comment

After a long day of waiting for towers to go up, one finally did. I caught up with this storm around Broken Bow, NE and kept up with it till around Ord, NE. The storm was initially low precipitation but eventually morphed into classic supercell structure.

supercell hill

ne supercell


ne supercell

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NE Colorado supercell May 24   Leave a comment

Though not a very large storm this supercell reached severe limits and put on a pretty decent display for a bit. It didn’t produce a tornado but it did have some nice rotation.
supercell NE CO

NE CO supercell

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South Central KS supercells   Leave a comment

May 19th was a pretty good chase day for me. I started out not to far from the first storm of the day, near Wichita. It was near a populated area so I bailed south before it produced a tornado. Luckily, it was not too damaging and Wichita was spared a disaster.



This was the last storm of the day for me that had tornadic potential. I was in a perfect position when low level rotation became visible and a tor warning was issued. Unfortunately, it didn’t have enough to produce a tornado at that time and I ended up running out of road trying to keep up with it.
I still haven’t seen a tornado since last year hopefully, I will be able to document one while I’m out here. I also hope that I don’t see one that causes death and massive destruction.

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2013 Storms – the beginning   Leave a comment

I’m not sure how long I will be pursuing storms this year, hopefully I can get some breathtaking storm shots/video. Here’s the first from north of Childress, TX 5/8/13:supercell tx 5813Here’s another 2 from near Ballister, TX:supercell tx

texas supercellBoth of these storms produced a decent amount of hail but the ingredients were not enough for a tornado.

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